Content Creation for Bloggers: 14 Kinds of Shareable Content - The Book Designer

Another in my long-running series of articles for authors who blog. This one focuses on the many types of content you can create, and some hints how to use them.

e-Book Cover Design Awards, March 2017 - The Book Designer

This month's collection of ebook covers. Cheer the winners, weep with the losers (and some are truly dreadful!).

Master the Art of Publicity Follow-up with These Simple Tips - The Book Designer

Joan Stewart shows authors how to get the attention their books deserve:

Fake News! In Self-Publishing - The Book Designer

Don't fall for the "fake news" you'll find in self-publishing!

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e-Book Cover Design Awards, February 2017 - The Book Designer

This month's competition. Lots of folks think the covers are getting better every month, and I don't disagree. See what you think. Lots of winners and losers...

How to Hitch a Ride on Someone Else’s Holiday to Sell Books - The Book Designer

Joan Stewart has an innovative way to boost your book's exposure and sales. Read on:

Beware of Sharks in Publisher’s Clothing - The Book Designer

Authors: This is super important because I don't want you to get caught by one of these publishing "sharks"

Designing for Hand Printing a Broadside in the Bookman Typeface - The Book Designer

An article about a broadside I designed for a hand-printing friend of mine back in the 1980s, featuring the very sturdy Bookman type face:

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